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Vacancies in Health Sector

Download infomation for calling applications for  Paramedical Services  and MLT by the Minsitry of Health, Southern Province.

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Madunagala Circuit Bunglow

Special Charges for Public officers of the Southern Province

Madunagala circuit  bungalow which is operating under Ruhunu Tourist Bureau of the Ministry of Tourism, Southern Province announces special scheme for Southern Provincial public officers with effect from 21.08.2015.

Room Type

No. of Rooms

Normal charges

(per one room)

Special Charges

(per one room)

Room with A/C


Rs.  2,500.00

Rs.  1,300.00

Room without  A/C


Rs.  2,000.00

Rs.  1,000.00

Room with A/C in two storied building


Rs.  3,000.00

Rs.  1,500.00

Room without  A/C in two storied building


Rs.  2,500.00

Rs.  1,250.00


Rules and Regulations

Ø  Only two rooms for one day can be allocated for one officer under this scheme.

Ø  Officers can be able to get this special offer only one time per year.

Ø  Officers must provide both national identity card and official identity card at the time of stay.

Ø  This offer is limited for the officer and family members.

Ø  Other people who are not members of the officer’s family should pay under normal rates.

Ø  Charges should be deposited in the account no. 169100116839683 of Peoples bank. The payment receipt, mentioning the national identity card number of the officer should fax to the fax number 0912224075.

Ø  This offer is valid for weekdays except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


Amendments to Recruitment of Nursing Trainees- 2015

Find the amendments of Recruitments of Nursing Trainees -2015



Vacant Positions for Engineers

Filling of vacancies in the project management unit of Greater Colombo wastewater management unit.

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Mothers Health Club New Membership

 “Mothers Health Clubs” is a specially designed programme by the Ministry of Health of the Southern Province to enhance health conditions of Southern families. Rupees twenty thousand (Rs. 20000/=) per each family has been given to construct sanitary facilities for 72 member families.  It is planned to provide another rupees 10,000.00 per each as the second phase of the above programme.  

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Leaflet part 2 


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