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Ayurvedic Gardens Programme Attached to the Department of Indigenous Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine production center attached to the Provincial Department of Ayurvedic medicine produce more than 50 ayurvedic medicines. Those medicines are used in ayurvedic hospitals and sell in ayurvedic medicine shops. The major problem faced by ayurvedic medicine production is the raw materials. Provincial Department of Ayurvedic Medicine has started a plant growing project to solve this problem by providing plants, technology and instructions to growers. The department then buy their productions to promote it. Those plants are used in Beliatta production ceneter. One good example is the production of “ Neelyadi” hair oil by “Nil awariya” plant grow in Horewela, Walasmulla. Provincila Department of Ayurvedic Medicine is planning to start mobile shops to promote distribution of ayurvedic medicines.

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