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New :  Nursing Trainees - 2012 Selection

 Chief  ministry provides citizen services in following areas through associated organizations.

 Department of Health

  •  Preparation of health improvement plans for the province
  • Establishment of health institutions and provide an efficient and productive health service though them
  • Promotion of health services, health education, nutrition, food, health preservation and environmental health
  • To provide necessary facilities for the maintenence of health services
  • To impact the necessary knowledge and skills to the personal attached to health institutions
  • Enforce public health laws and regulations

 View the selected list of Nursing Trainees - List of candidates from Southern Province CLICK HERE




Provincial Department of Ayurveda

  • Curative Health Promotion
  • Preventive Health Promotion
  • Production of Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Conservation and development of traditional system of medicine


Department of Local Government

  • Maintenence of public roads, health and sanitory systems, strom water drains, market places
  • Adminsitration of local authorities


Provincial Motor Traffic Commissioner's Office

  • Issue motor vehicle revenue licenses according to national policies
  • Register garages and issue fitness certificates for the protection of passengers
  • Collect revenue license income


Southern  Provincial Developement Authority

  • Assist and encourage small, medium and large scale enterrenuers
  • Promote business areas by attracting local an d foreign investors
  • Productivity enhancement of technology transfer
  • Economic and social intfrastructure developemnt in rural areas
  • Traning and knowledge management


Provincial Road Passenger Transport Authority

  • Development and enhancement of  passenger transport facilites



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