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Major Functional Area

Major functional areas are Law and Order, Transport, Water Supply and Drainage, Electricity, Health and Indegenous Medicine and Local Government which is functioning under following sections of the ministry.



  • Management of financial resources for the development plans in the above mentioned sectors.


  • Handling employment related matters of employees of the Chief ministry and attahced organizations to ensure better service by providing enough human resources, training needs and employee satisfaction to provide maximum service to the southern people.


  •  Administration of Health services and employee relations through the Department of Health Services, Southern Province 

Local Government

  • Administration of Local Government Authorities through the Department of Local Government, Southern Province


  • Prepartion of all annual development plans for development works of the province
  • Preparation of estimates for all development plans
  • Inspection and control of development works
  • Progress monitoring
  • Preparation of statutes in related fields

ICT Unit

  • Planning, Implementation and Development of Information Communication Technology for the ministry and attached organizations.

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